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Since I write on a number of different sites online, readers might also like to browse some of my other articles - most of which are related to urban legends, folklore, myths, but also tend toward myth-building and sociology topics. Articles will open in a new window, so feel free to browse without losing where you're at on this page.

ie: we build our realities out of our beliefs (social constructions)... and within those beliefs, we sometimes make myths to explain why things are the way they are.

Creatures/Cryptozoology: Mothman , The Goatman of Maryland , The Monster of Leeds (Jersey Devil) , Dover Demon

Horror Movie and Movie Stuff: Michael Myers , Laurie Strode (Michael's Sister) , Dr. Samuel J. Loomis (Michael's Psychiatrist) , Final Girl , Final Girl - Lila ( Psycho) , Nancy (Nightmare on Elm Street) , Sid (Scream) , Paxton - a Final GUY... Hostel , Beth (Hostel 2)