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A new and exciting project was started by my friend, Blake Hall a.k.a. Blake4d and the project is called


What the 800 Days is about is the Mayan Calendar Countdown. Blake keeps THE 800 DAYS blogs, adding articles to it on a regular (daily) basis. The blog was started on October 12, 2010 - EXACTLY 800 DAYS before the last date on the Mayan Calendar (December 21, 2012).

A lot of things are being said about the ancient Mayans these days - about their expertise with astronomy, mathematics and technology they had, created and used in their time, long, long ago. It is said that their technology was very advanced and their mathematical calculations, calendar, etc., is still revered by modern scientists and scholars today.

Many groups are coming forth with conspiracy theories, doomsday theories, allegedly scientific theories that point to the date of December 21, 2012 as a day that a great change - or a great destruction will happen on/to the Earth.

Blake is dedicating his time, via The 800 Days blog, to examining these theories and allegations so that we can sort through what's plausible, what's not - or even whether we're just being super-egotistical as a human species in thinking we can really predict what is going to happen on a future date...

I am supporting Blake Hall's efforts by blogging side-by-side with him on a blog that I call a "Follower" blog. I review and respond to Blake's content from THE 800 DAYS blog, sometimes filling in where Blake doesn't have time to go over "basics" in certain theories. For instance, I placed a "Newcomer" and "Glossary" on my blog and add to it each time Blake writes about a theory that might cause people confusion, according to difficult vocabulary words, phrases and terminology.

The 800 Days Blog can be found here: THE 800 DAYS Plain Link:

My Follower Blog can be found here: 800 Days FOLLOWER BLOG
Plain Link:

Although Blake has some tricks up his sleeve and is working on providing some games, twists, etc., on his blog, I mainly follow and comment, review and fill in blanks that are too time-consuming for Blake to cover without the possibility of cutting into his content-digging time.