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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Britain's Roswell - December 1980: Rendlesham Forest Incident Pt 3 of 3

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So, in the previous posts, the happenings near Rendlesham Forest were mentioned. That's about it...

What do you think?

Actually, once the incident was over... then the controversy began, so considerations and thinking and studying about the Rendlesham Forest Incident are far from over.

Various claims have been made by various groups and individuals, saying certain organizations and agencies visited the site in question shortly after the strange incidents in December 1980. I won't put those claims on the blog here because I haven't found proofs or reports for many of them... if you look around the internet, you're going to find TONS of claims that so-and-so investigated the area and that such-and-such group investigated the area, but try and look for proofs if you come across articles like those, okay? Most alleged investigations immediately following the dates of the incident are mainly heresay and rumour.

For instance, individuals from Porton Down (a government and military science park, UK) are supposed to have gone to the area in question very shortly after the incidents happened but really... nobody has ever found paperwork or anything else from a group from Porton Down. Likely, whichever researchers originally said this were mistaken or were starting controversy and rumours, perhaps trying to initiate more interest in this case.

Actually what is still curious regarding the Rendlesham Forest Incident is that the government files were supposedly made available around 2001, but using all the links I found at the UK Archives site, I still end up not being able to access the document said to have been released.

You can try looking:
MoD site U.K. Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) Rendlesham Forest Incident 1980

And keep in mind the file number: # DEFE 24/1948

It's funny how gov't and military agencies supposedly keep such proper paperwork but when asked to display it, can only manage to supply links and links and pages and pages of things "leading to the document." I am still following links lol