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It's hard to read text, understand it well or think critically about it if you're unsure of individual word meanings, so I've added a basic Glossary for those who are new to Conspiracy Theory lingo, vocabulary and concepts.

Alphabet Agency: usually a government agency (pertaining to the USA) which is referred to most often by its initials rather than full official title or name ie: CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps - 1933, lasted about ten years), CWA (Civil Works Administration - 1933, lasted 1 year), FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1933+, FCC (Federal Communications Commission 1934+ much more powerful today than when it was started), SSA (Social Security Administraion est Aug 1935+ still in operation, though with problematic operation), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation - est 1908+ under Roosevelt), CIA (Central Intelligence Agency (est 1947+). There are many more...these are just a few examples. Some agencies are still in operation, some aren't.

Box Cutters: type of retractable knife, exacta knife - said to have been used by hijackers in 9-11 attacks. Picture below:

CD: abbreviation for C.ontrolled D.emolition (opposite of the construction of buildings and large structure projects - it's the demolition and destruction of large buildings, structures and projects).

Coincidence Theories: a rather derisive term used primarily by 9-11 believers called "Truthers" (believers in gov't conspiracy that gov't authorities engineered the 9-11 attacks) to describe one who doesn't believe that every tidbit of evidence doesn't point to government coverup, conspiracy and fault in the 9-11 attacks. A Coincidence Theorist would say most pieces of evidence put together, even if they appear to point at gov't coverup of the 9-11 attacks just seem coincidentally linked but are not reasons to beleive that the gov't engineered or carried out the said attacks.

COINTELPRO: from 1956-1971, the program of covert operations asserted by the CIA as attempts to infiltrate organizations considered by CIA to be subversive...purpose - to allegedly disrupts, expose, root out, discredit or neutralize in various ways, subversive organizations. (many "truthers" believe that currently, the modern versions of COINTELPRO are in society within the "Truth Movement," propagating "disinfo" - disinformation).

CT: C.onspiracy T.heorist or C.onspiracy T.heory.

Debunker or De-Bunker: one who studies conspiracy theories, paranormal, ufo and unexplaned event evidence and accounts in order to debunk/expose the details as untrue, try to prove the events and details are a hoax, engineered to fool a general public or targetted authority... or, a person whose hobby is to debunk conspiracy theories - often considered just an opinionated observer of details after the fact. Almost never a positive term.

DISINFO, disinfo or Dis-Info: shortened form of the word/concept "disinformation" - the presentation of deliberately untrue information, designed to mislead targetted groups and, more often, mass numbers of people like the general public of an entire city, country/nation - some say a planned deceit even as large as to mislead the entire world population.

False Flag: this is an act of terrorism - even a war - that is committed by one organization or government but is blamed on or said to be the actions of a different organization or government.

FDNY:  acronym - F.ire D.epartment of N.ew Y.ork.

FEMA: acronym - F.ederal E.mergency M.anagement A.gency (USA).

(still working on this, to be completed in Jan 2011 - your patience is much appreciated. It's taking a while for me to sort out "9/11-only-specific keywords from general conspiracy terms... I don't want to have ONLY glossary terms here that relate to just 9/11 and nothing else... a great deal of purely 9/11-lingo has sprouted up in the 9 years since the event. Again, thanks for your patience)