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Friday, July 9, 2010

Crossing and Stepping Over Lines

A new theme has emerged out of my current studies into urban legends, folklore, fairy tales and related topics. Over the past year, in particular, I've started to cross the line between folklore-related information and conspiracy-type topics...including paranormal topics, shadow people, black eyed kids, unexplained phenomena, and topics in need of discussion but which aren't so much related to urban legends (or are they?) and folklore.

Things just sort of blurred and meshed together.

Moving away from Hook-Handed Madmen (urban legend, "The Hook"), Baba-Yaga (European folkore, witch, hag or crone?), and classic urban legends (like The Dead Boyfriend, Humans Can Lick Too, and Killer in the Back Seat), what I hope to bring to this new blog is discussion-worthy articles on (not adequately explained by science) unexplained phenomena, conspiracy ideas/topics and things of that nature which don't quite fit on my Urban Legends, Folklore, Myths and Fairy Tales blog.

One thing I think I can say in safety and with accuracy is that the "MYTH" theme actually holds all of these topics together... If we're talking about myth in the sense of being (non-scientific) "explanations" for things in the world around us, then the Urban Legends blog and this new Conspiracies and Weird Stuff blog will remain closely related and complimentary with/to each other.

Feel free to use the comments section - especially since, on this blog, I'm moving slightly outside my usual realms of study and into areas (paranormal topics, UFOs, etc) I am just learning to apply critical thinking toward.

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