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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Endgame Documentary from Alex Jones

View with a mind open to the possibility that what you see and hear from mainstream media is a masked over version of what is really going on in the world.

Endgames (Blueprint for Global Enslavement)

Documentary by Alex Jones

Take notes if need be (video is a little over two hours long)...

Within this documentary, yes, Alex Jones makes comments and statements that many people aren't going to like or currently do not appreciate.

The conclusions Jones comes to may or may not be the right conclusions, however, the only way to figure out what is right, wrong, good bad or mediocre information is to receive the data/information and go through a process of being informed, pondering over information, deciding what makes sense and what doesn't make sense, fact-checking, assimilating more new info...

A fave quote, said by Alex in the film, "The answer to 1984 is 1776."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What is a False Flag Operation?

If you're new to conspiracies or just started wondering about conspiracies and conspiracy theories, you might need to know what "False Flag" or "False Flag Operation" means.

Conspiracy theories can get really complex and involved - not to mention distracting (distraction is actually a conspiracy technique or a component of many conspiracy plans), and there are different types of conspiracy and graduating levels of deception involved with conspiracies.

One specific type of conspiracy is called "False Flag" and it is a series of covert deceptions asserted and performed to distract people away from the target concern.

A False Flag operation works something like this:

Government "X" puts forth reports that Enemy Institution "Y" is at the core of, say, nuclear bomb testing somewhere in the Sahara Desert - even though a general public was polled and said "DO NOT TEST THESE WEAPONS."

In reality, in a false flag operation, Government "X" is actually the one testing the nuclear weapons in the Sahara while pointing a finger at a different "Y" institution or group of people.

It is believed that one of the purposes for a false flag operation is to be able to move into a position to "rescue" the general public or to appear like the authority a general public can trust to deal with a situation that threatens or is disturbing to the general public. In reality, the perpetrators of something the public doesn't like AND the authorities who aim to fix the something the public doesn't like are usually one and the same.

Another way to explain:
A False Flag Operation is one designed to deceive the public into thinking that operations/actions are being done by someone other than the one/group that is really doing the actions/operations.

The term "False Flag" comes from (surprise, surprise - NOT!) military lingo and situations whereby a different country's flag other than one's own might be raised to fool a perceived enemy into thinking that different country inhabits and controls a geographical region. The military technique is known as "false colours" or "flying false colours."

Here's some not-so nice news: false flag operations can occur on land in the air or at sea and are NOT limited to times of war. False Colours were/are also asserted on land, by air or sea and are also not limited to just during war times.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A List of Conspiracy Theories is Available Online

Conspiracy Theories come in all shapes and sizes but primarily, Conspiracy Theories involve "fears of oppression" at their cores. For example, in "New World Order" conspiracy theories, the main "fear" is that governments will manage a wide-reaching, insurmountable oppression and control over people (globally or almost the entire globe).

Most conspiracies also involve the concept of "premeditated harm," that is - in the alleged conspiracy plans, great harm has been covertly/secretly plotted and planned out with great deliberation... the harm in most "New World Order" theories is a global harm...the subjugation of everyone on Earth to the powers doing the New World Order plotting.

In other theories, such as in "Assassination Conspiracies," a narrowly focused target group, including a prime individual (ie: President Lincoln and those around him) are the objects targeted for harm and manipulation (Harm: Lincoln - death. Manipulation: Lincoln's close family and friends - and even security personnel around Lincoln -  manipulations to keep these individuals UNAWARE of the conspiracy so they don't interfere with the main planning of Lincoln's death).

Many conspiracy theories are focused on leaving peoples' bodies basically unharmed while controlling their minds... such as in "Big Brother" conspiracy theories. Often the mind-control theories are looped or circulated into New World Order theories, so in general, Conspiracy Theories can get extremely involved and complicated.

ie: Big Brother is watching us... because Big Brother is a sizeable "entity-Group" wanting to bring about a New World Order... Nobody knows how many individuals are in the entity of "Big Brother" but the individuals act for one purpose - bringing about the New World Order... Naturally, if there are many individuals, there will be different ways of creating actions that bring about the New World Order... hence... more complexities, more difficulty establishing what is going on from a top-down model.

Almost all Conspiracy Theories end up leading to this one "New World Order" concept... from Chem-Trail conspiracies to food tampering conspiracies and even many assassination conspiracies. A blanket-type generalized end-result explanation is that all these conspiracies have at least SOMETHING to do with a New World Order "Master Conspiracy Plan."

The last tidbits are something I hope that many people will think about with a great deal of critical thinking... because if all these conspiracies are wrapped up into a larger Master plan, then that means we're all in great big piles of gigantic doo-doo trouble!

Or... with the way the human mind works - with things like confirmation biases, pareidolia, faulty memories, eye-mind discrepancies, emotional trauma experiences and other discrepancies of the human body and mind... we could just be allowing ourselves, very often, to be very PESSIMISTIC about humankind - and about the individuals who hold authority and power in our government positions...

Maybe there's a little of both going on... some legit conspiracy activity, along with a bunch of human pessimism about humans and authorities.

There's no easy way, I don't suppose, to sort all this stuff out in a concise and simple manner. Nor does there seem a way to QUICKLY figure out what all these Conspiracy Theories mean combined with human nature or the activities of human the best I've managed to come up with for figuring things out is to start looking at the Conspiracy Theories with a critical eye.

A daunting task, at best...

To find a faily comprehensive list of Conspiracy Theories, I just visited Wikipedia and found that others have been thinking along the same lines, as Wikipedia has a rather large, scrolling page listing many common/major conspiracy theories and related info:

Wikipedia Article: "List of Conspiracy Theories"

It is my best guess that if I check on this page 1 year from now, there will be more conspiracy theories added to the page by then, so I am going to waste NO TIME on checking out whatever I can from the existing article so far. I invite you to join me in examining some of these alleged conspiracies.

Plain Link To Article:

Have a look... examine a theory - then come back and comment here to give some ideas about what's going on with the particular theory you looked at!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Britain's Roswell - December 1980: Rendlesham Forest Incident Pt 3 of 3

View Part 1 Here   OR   View Part 2 Here

So, in the previous posts, the happenings near Rendlesham Forest were mentioned. That's about it...

What do you think?

Actually, once the incident was over... then the controversy began, so considerations and thinking and studying about the Rendlesham Forest Incident are far from over.

Various claims have been made by various groups and individuals, saying certain organizations and agencies visited the site in question shortly after the strange incidents in December 1980. I won't put those claims on the blog here because I haven't found proofs or reports for many of them... if you look around the internet, you're going to find TONS of claims that so-and-so investigated the area and that such-and-such group investigated the area, but try and look for proofs if you come across articles like those, okay? Most alleged investigations immediately following the dates of the incident are mainly heresay and rumour.

For instance, individuals from Porton Down (a government and military science park, UK) are supposed to have gone to the area in question very shortly after the incidents happened but really... nobody has ever found paperwork or anything else from a group from Porton Down. Likely, whichever researchers originally said this were mistaken or were starting controversy and rumours, perhaps trying to initiate more interest in this case.

Actually what is still curious regarding the Rendlesham Forest Incident is that the government files were supposedly made available around 2001, but using all the links I found at the UK Archives site, I still end up not being able to access the document said to have been released.

You can try looking:
MoD site U.K. Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) Rendlesham Forest Incident 1980

And keep in mind the file number: # DEFE 24/1948

It's funny how gov't and military agencies supposedly keep such proper paperwork but when asked to display it, can only manage to supply links and links and pages and pages of things "leading to the document." I am still following links lol

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Britain's Roswell - December 1980: Rendlesham Forest Incident Pt 2 of 3

(Read Part 1 Here)

December 28th 1980 - with radiation detectors in hand, the servicemen returned to the spot where they'd experienced their sighting of the metallic, cone-shaped, unidentified object. A recording known as "The Halt Tape" was made by Lieutentant Halt (Lt Col Charles I. Halt mentioned in the previous post) and Halt is said to have definitely investigated the incident. The given location of the area investigated by Lt Col Halt is:

52° 05’ 20” N, 1° 26’ 57” E

While Lt Col Halt was engaged in his investigative tasks, further strange things occurred:

Almost directly in line with a farmhouse, across the field to the east, a flashing light was seen in the distance. Then, a bit later, star-like lights were seen in the sky in the north and south. The brightest of the star-like lights seemed to be beaming down a stream of light, off and on, from time to time.

If this incident was videotaped, no tapes have been brought forth for the general public to ever see. Some people claim that there are tapes, but we / I have no way to know if this is true or if the existence of videotapes from December 28th 1980 in this location and time are just heresay and rumour. We do, however have Lt Col Halt's "memo" as shown below. It's in the public domain if you'd like to check it out. If you right-click and open in a new window, you might be able to size the document in your browser to a larger size to enable you to read the memo...

"Halt" Memo regarding the incident...

There are also transcripts of Lt Col Halt's audiotape... A link at the beginning of the post will take you to the transcript if you're interested...

Now, here's a link for you to read another official document if you wish. It's the Suffolk Constabulatory Report on the Incident. Link opens up in a new window below. The image is just a screenshot of something on page 2 of the document.

Suffolk Constabulatory "Unusual Lights Incident Rendlesham" (PDF)

You'll need a PDF reader to look at the Suffolk Constabulatory reports. Try Adobe:  Adobe Downloads page

Some of the text is hard to see but if you're using Adobe PDF reader you can zoom the text and be able to see clearly.

Britain's Roswell - December 1980: Rendlesham Forest Incident Pt 1 of 3

Something happened in Suffolk, England, late in the month of December, 1980... Something that made big, grown men shake in their boots - not just any men, but military personnel. What happened is now known by the name "The Rendlesham Incident," and is likened to the United States of America's "Roswell UFO Incident."

Closer to the time of event(s), The U.K.'s Ministry of Defense denied that the event(s) were significant and said that what happened did not pose a threat to national security and, therefore, deserved no official investigation...

At a later date, however, it became known that a MoD (Ministry of Defense) file, indeed, was kept on the event and once this was known, a suspected "cover-up" was on the lips of many - and still seems like something that requires more investigation, don't you think?

The "Incident" is actually over a 3-day spread, rather, over evenings of December 25-26, 26-27, and 27-28.

Around 3am December 26, 1980, security personnel in the vicinity of the East Gate of RAF (Royal Air Force) Woodbridge were alerted to and reported seeing strange lights in the area - including strange lights moving in the trees AND from an object they couldn't identify with any accuracy. Once local police arrived on the scene about an hour later, not long after 4am, they couldn't see what the security personnel say they saw and the police assumed any of the lights seen around 4am were from the Orford Ness lighthouse in the distance, along the coast. Some people in the general area reported that during the night of December 25 and early morning hours of December 26, farmyard and domestic animals acted with strange behaviors, showing fear and panic.

When 3 service men were sent out to look around, they encounted a brightly lit, triangular object which hovered above the ground in the woods. Suspended in a yellow-ish mist, this object also appeared to be metallic and cone-shaped, with blue and red circle of light overhead which pulsated. One of the servicemen touched the object's surface and found it "warm," and managed to take notes to this effect. He also copied to his notepad, what he could draw of the symbols seen on the object. It was an encounter of short duration and the object simply flew away. An eyewitness claims to have seen triangular landing gear on the object which left three impressions in the ground which were still visible in the daylight hours that followed.

The airmen/servicemen were debriefed, and made to sign documents promising their silence on this matter. One of the men was told to sign a document/statement saying the unknown object was simply the lighthouse, and he allegedly did sign the document... (I'm still looking for proofs, will add citations once I find out if they exist... just "telling the story" so far - don't panic - so far, it's "lore," right?)

Although some say that the airmen were threatened and such, some of what is said MIGHT be rumour as Lieutenant Colonel Halt, who was present during this first "sighting," told CNN News Channel, in 2008, that he had never been debriefed following the incident.

During the early morning daylight hours of December 26, 1980, the servicemen looked at the area and found burn marks, along with the three impressions in a triangle shape, and some broken branches on trees in the immediate vicinity of the sighting. Plaster casts were made of the impressions and these have been shown in many documentaries about the Rendlesham Forest Incident.

Local police were called to the area and around 10:30am, they examined the impressions on the ground and stated that they could have been made by an animal.

Audio Part 1

(Now, just because you see the videos, don't let your critical thinking skills fall by the wayside, okay? Remember that anytime we have "eyewitnesses," especially when recalling an event from the past, PERCEPTION and likely, BELIEF SYSTEM can play a part in the story/eyewitness account that results)

Audio Part 2

Listen with attention to critical thinking, please...

Below, Larry Warren on the Richie Allen Show, from February 3, 2015.


Friday, July 9, 2010

What is Pareidolia?

Pareidolia is a very interesting phenomena of the brain, rather the brain-to-eye or eye-to-brain connection, whereby what the eye sees, the brain interprets - in the way the brain LIKES to interpret things. Ultimately, the brain likes things it the brain takes unfamiliar things the eyes see and interprets them as something the brain knows about.

ie: the random pattern in the clouds comes to be seen as a human FACE, sometimes a recognizable face like the face of Jesus (based on our favourite, preffered picture of Jesus? Perhaps one that has been on the wall at our parents' or grandparents' home for the past 20-39 years?).

Other examples:
  • the face of Jesus in a pattern on a piece of toast!
  • the "Man on/in the Moon" we think we see in the valleys and shadow that we can't quite see clearly when we look up at the moon
  • animal shapes in the clouds
  • animal or human face shapes in the leaves or trees
Our brains like to make "random" patterns and unfamiliar things have a meaning we can understand, so our brains tell us we are seeing familiar and recognizable things/objects - when really, there might be no full pattern that truly corresponds with what our brain tells us we are seeing.

In my recent research into this phenomena, I've come to wonder if there are times when pareidolia is the explanation for things we associate with "bump in the night" scares and sightings of shadow people, ghosts, etc. I won't venture to say that all instances of perceived ghost sightings and the like are pareidolia experiences and not the viewing of ghosts at all, but I've convinced myself that at least SOME ghost sightings can be explained by the pareidolia quirk of our eye-brain connections.

NASA Photo of the Moon - Image Location (Wikipedia):

This photo shows something that looks amazingly like a human face...but scientists say it's coincidental that the far-away valleys and shadows are actually a human face... it's likely our eyes and brain that manufacture the explanation that we're looking at a face. It's Moon terrain, but it looks like a face emerging from or half-embedded in the terrain of the moon. See the Man in the Moon article at Wikipedia if you'd like to learn more about the valleys and shadows on the Moon. Our eyes have also perceived of other "familiar" objects in pictures of the moon: a woman, a skeleton, a dragon, an Angel, a toad and toadstool, and a few other things.

Other Perceived Shapes on the Moon:

Image Location:

Lack of critical thinking has meant that when some people see images/photos like the one above, they instantly believe they are seeing what the brain tells them they see...consequently, many people have literally FREAKED RIGHT OUT about this photo and have declared a number of false accusations against the government (for hiding the fact that there are people on the moon, people have been on the moon before "we" ever got there, etc. There's quite a long list of accusations) for government secrecy and conspiracy concerning successful (or covert, unannounced but successful) trips to the moon, etc. It is THIS lack of critical thinking I hope to get away from by discussing controversial or out-of-the-box and "weird" topics on this blog...many things we THINK we see require extra examination and discussion - lest we create hysteria, erroneous judgments and statements and all manner of mistakes in the world and when examining our world.