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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A List of Conspiracy Theories is Available Online

Conspiracy Theories come in all shapes and sizes but primarily, Conspiracy Theories involve "fears of oppression" at their cores. For example, in "New World Order" conspiracy theories, the main "fear" is that governments will manage a wide-reaching, insurmountable oppression and control over people (globally or almost the entire globe).

Most conspiracies also involve the concept of "premeditated harm," that is - in the alleged conspiracy plans, great harm has been covertly/secretly plotted and planned out with great deliberation... the harm in most "New World Order" theories is a global harm...the subjugation of everyone on Earth to the powers doing the New World Order plotting.

In other theories, such as in "Assassination Conspiracies," a narrowly focused target group, including a prime individual (ie: President Lincoln and those around him) are the objects targeted for harm and manipulation (Harm: Lincoln - death. Manipulation: Lincoln's close family and friends - and even security personnel around Lincoln -  manipulations to keep these individuals UNAWARE of the conspiracy so they don't interfere with the main planning of Lincoln's death).

Many conspiracy theories are focused on leaving peoples' bodies basically unharmed while controlling their minds... such as in "Big Brother" conspiracy theories. Often the mind-control theories are looped or circulated into New World Order theories, so in general, Conspiracy Theories can get extremely involved and complicated.

ie: Big Brother is watching us... because Big Brother is a sizeable "entity-Group" wanting to bring about a New World Order... Nobody knows how many individuals are in the entity of "Big Brother" but the individuals act for one purpose - bringing about the New World Order... Naturally, if there are many individuals, there will be different ways of creating actions that bring about the New World Order... hence... more complexities, more difficulty establishing what is going on from a top-down model.

Almost all Conspiracy Theories end up leading to this one "New World Order" concept... from Chem-Trail conspiracies to food tampering conspiracies and even many assassination conspiracies. A blanket-type generalized end-result explanation is that all these conspiracies have at least SOMETHING to do with a New World Order "Master Conspiracy Plan."

The last tidbits are something I hope that many people will think about with a great deal of critical thinking... because if all these conspiracies are wrapped up into a larger Master plan, then that means we're all in great big piles of gigantic doo-doo trouble!

Or... with the way the human mind works - with things like confirmation biases, pareidolia, faulty memories, eye-mind discrepancies, emotional trauma experiences and other discrepancies of the human body and mind... we could just be allowing ourselves, very often, to be very PESSIMISTIC about humankind - and about the individuals who hold authority and power in our government positions...

Maybe there's a little of both going on... some legit conspiracy activity, along with a bunch of human pessimism about humans and authorities.

There's no easy way, I don't suppose, to sort all this stuff out in a concise and simple manner. Nor does there seem a way to QUICKLY figure out what all these Conspiracy Theories mean combined with human nature or the activities of human the best I've managed to come up with for figuring things out is to start looking at the Conspiracy Theories with a critical eye.

A daunting task, at best...

To find a faily comprehensive list of Conspiracy Theories, I just visited Wikipedia and found that others have been thinking along the same lines, as Wikipedia has a rather large, scrolling page listing many common/major conspiracy theories and related info:

Wikipedia Article: "List of Conspiracy Theories"

It is my best guess that if I check on this page 1 year from now, there will be more conspiracy theories added to the page by then, so I am going to waste NO TIME on checking out whatever I can from the existing article so far. I invite you to join me in examining some of these alleged conspiracies.

Plain Link To Article:

Have a look... examine a theory - then come back and comment here to give some ideas about what's going on with the particular theory you looked at!